Looking for Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend? Why not Break Four G’s?

2 boys riding
the Scraper!

Where else in Dallas, TX can you whip 165 feet into the air at fighter jet speeds? It’s only happening at Zero Gravity Thrill Park.

The Skyscraper is our newest thrill ride, and fans have already voted it one of the top things to do in Dallas-Forth Worth. To start, we strap you and a friend into one end of a towering 165-foot propeller. Before long, the massive windmill picks up serious speed, up to 60 mph in just seconds. By the time Skyscraper reaches maximum velocity, you’ll be subjected to an incredible Four G’s of force. That’s more than a space shuttle takeoff!

As you come down from the adrenaline rush, we slow it up and treat you to a mesmerizing view of the Dallas skyline from 165 feet off the ground.

Skyscraper accommodates up to 4 riders at a time, making it one of the most extreme Dallas area attractions for groups and families.

Still search Dallas things to do this weekend? Didn’t think so.


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  • Must be 52″ tall (due to the overhead restrains on this attraction, certian guests may not ride)
  • Must not be pregnant
  • Must not have circulatory disorders (heart attack history, etc.)
  • Must not have any broken bones
  • Must not have back, neck, or head injuries or other medical conditions
  • Due to the restraining device on the Skyscraper, certain guests may not ride


  • $32.99 for one person
  • Get a video of your experience for $21.99
  • T-shirts available for $16.99
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Combo packages available, learn more
  • Group rates available, learn more