The World’s Weirdest Them Park Rides

Recently, Popular Mechanics put together a list of the 18 strangest rides in the world, and Zero Gravity’s Nothin’ but Net free fall ride made the list, proving that it’s not just one of the most fun things to do in Dallas, but in the world.  What can we say? We set our sights high.

In noting why our ride’s unique, Popular Mechanics mentioned the specially designed harness that’s meant to ensure riders land on their backs, and also wrote:

Being dropped from 100 feet is such a terrifying experience that Chess Stetson of the California Institute of Technology and colleagues used the tower in a study aimed at determining how humans perceive the passage of time during frightening events.

Having fun and helping science is all just a day’s work at Zero Gravity. For those who haven’t experienced the Nothin’ but Net ride yet, it goes something like this:

We lift you to the top of our 16-story tower, and then we simply drop you.  No bungee cord, no parachute, no straps.  Just you, hurtling toward the safety net. Of course, safety is our primary concern, so we employ a patented release system that ensures you fall in a low center of gravity position and land on your back. Your landing is supported by two stunt-quality safety nets secured with reinforced rigging. In fact, the landing is so smooth, you will hardly even notice that you just fell from 130 feet.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?