Texas Giant Closed for Renovations

If you haven’t heard the news, or seen the construction yourself, you might be disappointed to learn that popular Dallas attraction, the Texas Giant, is still closed for renovations.  And it will remain closed until 2011, when it will reopen at Six Flags following $10 million worth of repairs.

The new-and-improved Texas Giant will feature a top speed of 65 mph, plus the steepest drop in the world at 79 degrees and the steepest bank of any wooden roller coaster at 95 degrees.  Add in the smoothness of the new track, and the Giant should be fun again. In recent years, as other roller coasters improved, the Giant seemed a rough and lumbering relic.

Of course, 2011 is still a long way off, so until then, swing by Zero Gravity. Our Texas Blastoff ride goes zero to 70 in just 1.2 seconds (5 mph faster than the Giant.  Just saying.)  And we’re still offering our Four Ride Thrillseeker Combo, giving you one of the most fun things to do in Dallas, all at a really great price.