We are Committed to Your Safety

Zero Gravity Thrill Park has maintained a flawless safety record since our first day back in 1992. We achieve this with the help of our well-trained and attentive staff and the extensive safety measures utilized throughout the park. Read more about our individual safety elements below:

General Restrictions (all rides):

  • Must not be pregnant.
  • Must not have circulatory disorders (heart attack history, etc. ).
  • Must not have any broken bones (no one wearing casts will be allowed to ride).
  • Must not have back, neck, or head injuries or other medical conditions.

Ride-Specific Information:

Bungee jumping is done from a seven-story permanent platform designed especially for bungee jumping.   We use a triple safety system that includes:

  • Super-elastic bungee cords – high-quality cords make even the smoothest rollercoaster seem rough by comparison
  • Nylon safety straps – these powerful straps could catch you with no bungee at all
  • Stuntman airbag on the ground – this professional stunt-quality airbag is rated for falls much higher than seven stories
  • Restrictions – must weigh between 80 – 240 pounds. The signature of a parent or guardian is required if under 16

The Texas Blastoff is constructed around two steel towers and utilizes:

  • Super-elastic bungee cords – four cords maintain an unbreakable grip on the seats
  • Nylon safety straps – every bungee cord is further reinforced with tough nylon straps
  • Full body straps – we strap you nice and tight into a real racing seat, even your feet
  • Restrictions – must be at least 48″ tall

Nothin’ but Net free fall attraction possesses the following safety features:

  • Patented release system – our unique release system ensures you land on your back
  • Double netting – your landing is supported by two stunt-quality safety nets secured with reinforced rigging. In fact, the landing is so smooth, you will hardly even notice it
  • Restrictions – must weigh between 110 – 240 pounds. The signature of a parent or guardian is required if under 16

The  Skycoaster allows you to pull your own ripcord whenever you are ready and features:

  • Cabling – ultra-strong steel cabling rated well beyond passenger weight restrictions
  • Harnesses – we only use professional-quality hang-gliding harnesses
  • Restrictions – must be at least 42″ tall

Despite our Excellent Safety Record, we require all visitors sign a 1-page release form as a precaution before enjoying the rides.

View our release form.

Zero Gravity Thrill Park will close in the event of lightning, heavy rain, or extreme cold. Please contact us at 972-484-8359 if you have any concerns about inclement weather.

Remember, all attractions at Zero Gravity are intense experiences.   You are responsible for making the correct decisions.