Prices and Tickets

You’re in luck! One of the most fun things to do in Dallas is also one of the most reasonably priced. Check out FIVE extreme rides you can’t get anywhere else in Dallas!

The Tickets

All rides at Zero Gravity Dallas are priced per rider. Your first ride is $32.99 (plus tax), and each consecutive ride is only $14.99 more. Adrenaline-junkies should head straight for our 5-ride Thrillseeker Combo. Big savings, big thrills!

Look for our specials below!!!!!!

Ride Prices Per Person
1 Ride of your choice $32.99 + tax
2 Rides of your choice $47.98 + tax
3 Rides of your choice $62.97 + tax

All Five Rides
Four for the price of Five!!


$77.95 + tax 


The #1 Place In Dallas to Get Your Thrill On

Two people, Three rides, plus two videos  

“Don’t Think About It – Be About It!!”

*mention this at the park only 

132.93+ tax


      Deluxe Thrill Seeker Combo!
All 5 Rides  
    All 5 Videos on a USB Flash Drive
Save $28.00
* Online Only

$91.94 + tax  

Ultimate Combo
All 5 Rides
All 5 Videos on a USB Flash Drive
plus your choice of any Zero Gravity Souvenir T-shirt

Makes A Great Gift!!!

Save $35.00

$116.95 + tax

*All tickets are good for one year from the date of purchase EXCEPT for special offers which are good until date stated. Makes a great gift certificate. Give the gift of memories that will last a lifetime!

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*ticket prices are subject to change*

The Merch

Do your friends not believe you actually took the jump? Prove them wrong with some great Zero Gravity Merch.

Merchandise & Videos (available for purchase at the park)
Official Zero Gravity T-Shirt $16.99 + tax
Zero Gravity Sweat-Shirt $29.99 + tax
Zero Gravity Logo Hats $24.99 + tax
Video of your Ride (USB) $21.99 + tax
Additional Videos on same USB $5 (each) + tax
Video + Any Merchandise Combo $5 Off
Official Zero Gravity Online Store Coming Soon