Zero Gravity Video Montage

December 13th, 2010

For your viewing pleasure, check out this great video montage of some brave soldiers in the Warrior Adventure Quest program braving the thrill rides at Zero Gravity.

Warrior Adventure Quest is for redeployed units, and is part of the Army’s holistic approach to body, mind and soul. Zero Gravity is proud to be part of the program that helps soldiers decompress and relax after returning from war zones.

Happy Thanksgiving! And Extended Park Hours

November 23rd, 2010

From all of us here at Zero Gravity, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving. And just a reminder that we’ve changed our hours this week to accommodate those who’ve taken a few days off.  Please see our schedule below, and consider stopping by to partake in one of our thrilling rides.

Monday: noon – 10pm
Tuesday: noon – 10pm
Wednesday: noon – 10pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: noon – midnight
Saturday: noon – midnight

We hope to see you soon, and more importantly, we hope you enjoy some much-deserved time off and plenty of good food with family and friends.

Give the Gift of Zero Gravity

November 16th, 2010

Holiday shopping can be hard. Really hard. So this year, let us help you out. Instead of giving an item, which will invariably be lost, broken or forgotten, give the gift of an experience.

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park offers the most fun things to do in Dallas, and a couple tickets to experience our thrilling rides will make a perfect gift for your spouse, kids, or anyone else deserving of a present this year. And hey, if no one in your life’s been particularly good this year, you can always buy for yourself!

Simply purchase tickets online, and your lucky recipient will get to experience all that Zero Gravity has to offer, including bungee jumping, Nothin’ but Net and the Texas Blastoff.

Buy Now to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Celebrate Halloween at Zero Gravity, Save $10

October 27th, 2010

halloween at zero gravity thrill amusement parkThere are plenty of things to do in Dallas this Halloween weekend, from gorging on candy and attending parties to simply barricading yourself indoors with the lights off.

For a change from the norm, stop into Zero Gravity for a different kind of Halloween thrill.  Our adrenaline-packed rides, like bungee jumping, Skycoaster and Texas Blastoff, will get your heart racing better than any scary movie ever could.  And when you visit Zero Gravity October 29 – 31 wearing your Halloween costume, we’ll take $10 off the price of your first ride.

Thrills, fun and discounts, all in one place.  Come on by, bring some friends, and remember to wear your costume to save some cash.

Introducing our Fall Online Special

October 5th, 2010

Fall may have officially begun on September 22nd, but we reserve celebration until the weather cools down and the Cowboys win a game.  So now it’s finally time to introduce our Fall Special: the Four Ride Thrillseeker Combo.

Come to Zero Gravity, known across the state as one of the best Dallas attractions, and enjoy the most affordable entertainment value around.  Purchase the Four Ride Thrillseeker Combo for just $55 + tax! That’s $10 off the regular price.

Bring your friends, dates, families and that cute girl/guy from down the hall to experience the adrenaline-laced thrills of Zero Gravity.  With the Four Ride Thrillseeker Combo, you get to partake in Bungee Jumping, the Skycoaster, Nothin’ But Net and the Texas Blastoff.

That fun foursome will kick things off with a heart-pounding start to fall. Click below to take advantage of this online-only offer.

odrder dallas attractions

Save Big with our Groupon Deal of the Day!

September 23rd, 2010

zero gravityZero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park is today’s featured deal on Groupon.  Already one of the best things to do in Dallas, we’ve partnered with Groupon to save you 55% on the purchase of one ride.  It’s like having your cake and eating it too … while plunging from a bungee tower.

From Groupon —

During the space race, American astronauts trained in amusement parks, braving the Tilt-a-Whirl and spinning teacups. Today’s Groupon gives you the chance to prepare for space adventures. For $14, you get a ride on one of five thrilling thrill rides from Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park (a $31.39 value including tax).

Don’t miss out!  The deal ends Thursday night at midnight.

Buy on Groupon

Zero Gravity Named One of the Top Family Activities in Dallas

September 15th, 2010

Zero Gravity was named one of the best family things to do in Dallas by  Our park is ranked right up there with the Dallas Aquarium, Nature and Science Museum and the Dallas Zoo, so we feel honored to be listed among such popular attractions.

Not everyone thinks of thrill rides as fun for the whole family, but we always do our best to ensure that everyone, young and old, feels welcome and has a great time. And our commitment to safety ensures that everyone enjoys themselves in a safe environment.

It’s true; just check out this video of a young kid bungee jumping at our park.

Labor Day Special: Buy One Ride, Get One Free!

September 3rd, 2010

If you’re looking for things to do in Dallas this Labor Day Weekend (since we both know you won’t be working), then stop into Zero Gravity for some holiday weekend fun.

In honor of this day of rest, we suggest you be active.  We’re offering a buy-one-get-one deal at Zero Gravity, now through Monday, September 6th.  Enjoy your time off work, and come out to the park for some bungee jumping or any of our other thrilling rides, like the Texas Blastoff and Nothin’ But Net.

This deal isn’t available online, so just ask for the Labor Day deal when purchasing tickets at the park, and we’ll give you two rides for the price of one.

Sure it’s Labor Day, but we’ll be working, so come and see us!

zero gravity thrill amusement park - nothin' but net

Get Visual Evidence of Your Zero Gravity Adventure

August 24th, 2010

For some people, it’s not enough to simply bungee jump or free fall 130 feet into an awaiting net. They want visual proof–whether as assurance for themselves or their friends–showing them in action as they conquer the most extreme rides in the country.

For a mere $12 we’ll provide a DVD of your adventures at Zero Gravity, which is consistently ranked as one of the top Dallas attractions.  So take solace knowing that–when your legs are shaking on top of the bungee platform–at least you’ll have visual proof of your bravery to show your doubting friends.

Just think, a visit to Zero Gravity could leave you with a brand new addition to your DVD collection.  Except this time, you’re the star of the show and screaming like a little girl is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Beat the Heat at Zero Gravity

August 6th, 2010

It’s hot. Really hot. And it appears there’s no end in sight. But Zero Gravity has the answer, and it’s way more fun than air conditioning or a cold front.

It’s difficult to be hot when you’re flying through the air at 60 miles per hour; or when you’re blasting skyward from 0-70 mph in just 1.2 seconds; or when you’re free falling from 130 feet.  That’s right: adrenaline rides with a strong breeze.

The Skycoaster — Feel the anticipation build as we lift you 110 feet into the air, and then feel the wind in your face as you and up to two friends soar through the air at 60 mph.  That’ll cool you off in a hurry.

Texas Blastoff — Rocket 150 feet straight up with the speed of a dragster, and then, rather than fall straight back down, the four-bungee apparatus sends you on a topsy-turvy free fall full of twists, turns and flips.

Nothin’ But Net — We lift you to the top of our 16-story tower, and then we  simply let you go. That’s right – no bungee cord, parachute or straps.  Just you, a 130-foot drop, and the safety net below.

Thrilling rides and wind in your face to calm even the hottest of days? We’re not of the best Dallas attractions for nothing.